Bad Product Reviews are Costing You Money

Bad Product Reviews Cost You Money.

Let’s do the math.

You know 1 & 2 star reviews are bad for business.
But quantifying the impact to your bottom line has never been easy. Until now.

Enter an Amazon URL into our calculator to see the impact bad reviews are having on both your online and offline sales.
View examples:

HP LED Backlit Monitor Igloo Thermoelectric Nest Wall Mount Kitchenaid Blender Benefit Mascara WEN Belt Sander


Calculate Your Own Impact!


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What do I do with this data?

The Bad Reviews Impact Calculator will help you understand the impact of 1 & 2 star reviews in two segments: Customer Lifetime Value – the opportunity cost of losing the loyalty of a customer – and Future Shopper Opportunity – the impact on future customers who read the reviews while shopping.

With this data, you’ll be able to begin the process of understanding your bad reviews and improving them. The Channel Signal platform is the #1 tool for helping you uncover actionable issues users are sharing with the marketplace about your products. The decisions you make with the data can improve your performance and drive revenue up.

Get to the “Why” Behind your Product Reviews with Channel Signal’s RO-WHY Calculator

You know bad (1 & 2 star) reviews are detrimental. But have you ever wondered about the true financial impact of them? Sign up for an informative session with one of our experts to:

  • review the impact of your bad reviews using our Impact Calculator
  • understand the “why” — the reasons behind the bad reviews
  • learn how to fix the impact of your bad reviews

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