Why you need to make more space on your digital shelf for reviews

As the Golden Quarter of 2022 heats up, many eCommerce retailers are looking for strategies to optimize sales and drive revenue—especially in the face of …

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How To Measure Your E-Commerce Rate Of Conversion

This article originally appeared on the Forbes Technology Council Here we go again—just as we dig into summer, the busy back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons …

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Cookies: the good and bad

1994. Bill Clinton was in the White House. OJ was on the lam. And Tonya Harding was up to no good. At the same time, …

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Consumer intelligence from the only source that matters: Consumers

Let’s throw it way back to 1603 to the origin of two words that have had a big impact on commerce in the last 400 …

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product fit

Fit: The Elephant in Online Consumer Intelligence

In the early days of the pandemic, a phrase started getting tossed around: the COVID-15. As we—and we’re speaking collectively here—burrowed into our couches and …

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The Growing Problem of Free Returns 

In Los Angeles, there’s a wholesale merchandise liquidator called Via Trading—where product misfits are given a second life. You get the idea if you’ve ever …

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Measuring the New Power Player, Consumers

For many brands, creating the initial business concept is the easy part. A bright idea – that most often fills a void – comes into …

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But, wait! There’s more!

Back in 1981, just as he was beginning his presidency, Ronald Regan appointed Mark Fowler as the new head of the Federal Communications Commission. This …

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Blame it on Taiichi Ohno

With Christmas just a week away, it’s gift-buying crunch time. But this year, low inventory levels for some products are turning even the most enthusiastic …

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holiday shopping online

Navigating The Perfect Holiday Shopping Storm

This article first appeared on forbes.com on November 23, 2021. The choked supply chain is driving both inventory and pricing problems, and it couldn’t come …

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The best Black Friday deal brands can deliver

In 2011, Patagonia changed the game. Placing a full-page ad in The New York Times with a bold headline proclaiming “DON’T BUY THIS JACKET” the …

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2022 Trend: Social shopping and the power of product reviews

What started as a platform simply to share photos—by Stanford students Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger—now has over 1.4 billion users worldwide, with 140 million …

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Smartwool Chooses Channel Signal to Get Closer to the Consumer

PARK CITY, Utah, Oct. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Channel Signal, leading aggregator of product reviews and analysis, today announced its working with Smartwool, the …

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All Demand, No Supply Is A Recipe For Disaster

This article, written by Paul Kirwin, originally appeared on Forbes.com on September 14, 2021. Retailers have been facing constant change for the past decade, and …

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Kicking off the 2021 holiday shopping season

Let’s throw it back to the 1983 holiday season for a moment. A new toy had arrived on the scene, and baby, it caused a …

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What does the full picture give you?

By now, you may have heard us talk about the 85/15 split. What we mean by this is that retailers who rely on reviews solely …

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This 2021 holiday season: it’s all about balance

When the Ever Given, one of the world’s largest shipping containers got stuck in the Suez Canal in March, it was truly the icing on …

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Tapping into consumer sentiment with product review aggregation 

Back in the day, before the internet, product reviews primarily came in the form of word-of-mouth referrals or recommendations. Consumer-to-consumer conversations that would inform and …

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Back-to-School Spending and the Power of Peer Reviews

This article appeared in the E-commerce Times on August 17, 2021, authored by Paul Kirwin. We’re in the dog days of summer and back-to-school promotions …

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People Skiing On Snow Covered Field During Foggy Weather

Are you getting the full picture of your review landscape?

If you’ve ever been skiing on a “flat light” day, you know how it goes. Visibility is limited, and even if you’re familiar with the …

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