Leveraging Consumer IntelLigence

With the full picture of your review landscape all-in-one-place, tap directly into consumer intelligence to understand product performance and drive revenue. Search reviews by volume, track progress over a specific period, find the most recent reviews, search by star ratings, and benchmark against competitors. At the same time, easily find trends and patterns to take a proactive approach to forecasting as consumers who purchased are broadcasting to shoppers who are interested.

For Product Teams

Product teams are critical to the health and revenue of a company. The products they design and build, and offered to the public, are what creates or disrupts momentum. Due to consumer conversations and review research, consumers are now focused on products and their performance as reported by consumers.

Channel Signal provides:
  • Normalized and filtered reviews to achieve true, real-time consumer insights into the performance of your product.

  • Faster feedback loops to improve or eliminate struggling products

  • Innovation insights into a product’s life cycle

For Marketing Teams

Products are the offering; however, marketing builds the messaging. The phrases and key words that consumers use in reviews when reporting on the brand and the products are what shoppers believe. Incorporate the language of the consumer in marketing messaging, across all channels, to effectively communicate.

Channel Signal provides:
  • Real-time visibility into in-demand products and why

  • Insights into brand loyalty and why

  • An understanding of the positive consumer language and keywords

  • A complete market view of competitor and brand performance