Like the other reviewers said, the lid on this tupperware is completely unreliable. The snap is too close to the handle and next thing I know I'm covered in flour. We made the best of it but I will not be buying from this company again.

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Channel Signal is perfect for any product-focused company with reviews online. Apparel, Sporting Goods, Footwear, Electronics, Appliances, Games, Software, Beauty, Kids & More


"The more we listen the more we have the opportunity to build higher brand affinity with our consumer. Channel Signal provides one of our most timely links to that consumer, with feedback that helps us understand their needs."

Brad Adams, SVP, Brand Digital Commerce and Communications

"Channel Signal monitors reviews for our brand and our competitors. We are using the data to continue to improve our products while keeping a close watch on what consumers write about our competitors."

Diego Núñez, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

"We use Channel Signal in our quarterly business reviews to measure ourselves and our competitors through the eyes of the consumer. The team is whip smart and they help us understand the data and what the actions could be."

Carol Davidson, Vice President of Brand Marketing
  • Microsoft
  • patagonia
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