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to you about you?

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In 2019, 74% of U.S. consumers consult peer-to-peer product reviews before making a purchase. Channel Signal turns often overlooked product review data into insight.

Go to Market with the consumer conversation

Track the competitive landscape

Validate product changes

Results-Oriented Review Aggregator

Aggregate product reviews into one analytics platform to uncover user experience data like never before. Channel Signal is the leader in aggregating, curating and translating this data into positive business decisions. It is the most robust platform for analyzing product reviews.


Clean Data

Product titles and categories can get messy on the web. Channel Signal uses human-augmented
machine learning to ensure you have clean data, with products titled and categorized how you want.


Competitor Data

There are many ways to analyze competitors, but aggregating product reviews provides comprehensive visibility and insight into what competitors' users are saying about them.


Clear Insights

Ongoing insights, support and training comes standard with Channel Signal. Our team of analysts and data scientists partner with you in your quest to discover what users think and why they think it.

Who uses Channel Signal?

Compete and win.

The Channel Signal product review aggregator gives brands a way to understand the post-purchase experience users are sharing on any site, including Amazon. By benchmarking this against the competition, powerful market opportunities are uncovered.


Supported Retailers

Aggregate Product Reviews, Q&A and Pricing data from Amazon to Zappos. See the full list.

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