You know what customers say to you.
What are they saying about you?

Tune in to the truth.

Results-Oriented Review Aggregator

Go to Market with what consumers care about most.

Track Competing Products and mobilize accordingly.

Connect our Powerful Review API with your BI Platform.

Boost Shopper Confidence with scoring at the point-of-sale.

Your Online Performance, Loud and Clear

94% of consumers read the text of peer-to-peer product reviews. Aggregate these reviews from anywhere online, from Amazon to the App Store.


Clean Data

Unstructured product, category, brand and review data is cleaned using human-augmented machine learning, to ensure accuracy.


Competitive Tools

Comprehensive visibility into what is being said about any product, as well as tools to help you compete in the marketplace.


Insights & Integration

Use our robust platform and team of analysts, or integrate clean, aggregated review data into any BI platform daily.

Who uses Channel Signal?

Supported Channels

Aggregate Product Reviews, Q&A and Pricing data from Amazon to Zappos. See the full list.

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Stand Out in the Age of the Consumer

Thought Leadership

Point of Pain

Since the pandemic, online research and buying by the consumer has skyrocketed. This has brought about a shopping cart abandonment problem. Only 30% of consumers who fill a shopping cart…

AI Tells Us Why

We Are AI Integrated Recently, we have implemented an Artificial Intelligence tool, which has allowed Channel Signal to dive even deeper into the minds of shoppers.  We know that there…

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