Tim Buying Journey

7 Decision-Making Factors in the Customer Buying Journey

Tim’s Journey to a Fitness Tracker Purchase Ever since he got that new office job, Tim has gained some weight. He’d like to shed some …

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FitBit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker

15 Real Customer Reviews About FitBit Charge 2 Changes

When customers search for a fitness tracker, there are a few names that stand out in the industry. But brand recognition only goes so far. …

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Home Depot Omnichannel Strategy

Home Depot Took Omni-Channel Retailing Straight to the Bank in 2016

Looking back at the topography of business in 2016, there’s one company that stands out above the rest as having successfully responded to a shifting …

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Omni-Channel Environment

How Consumers Use Product Reviews in Today’s Omni-Channel Environment

With a wealth of data at their fingertips but the continued desire to touch, see and discuss a product, consumers have embraced the omni-channel approach …

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How Shoppers Buy Safe Products

Cues Shoppers Use to Buy Safe Products

Thanks to the internet and increased connectivity across all platforms, today’s consumers are more well-informed than ever when it comes to the products they buy …

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5 Ways Marketers are Using Product Reviews in Advertising

The word is out about product reviews. Not only is it vital that you collect them on your own e-commerce site, monitoring product reviews across all …

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Brands Can Save Retail

4 Ways Brands Can Save Brick & Mortar

We got incredible feedback from last month’s article about retail stores closing. Our list of 20 retailers shuttering doors en masse might be just the tip of …

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GoPro Hero5 Problems

By the Numbers: GoPro Hero5 Problems

The GoPro Hero5 was released on October 2, 2016 with a price tag of $399.99. As a company, GoPro has come a long way since …

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2017 Retail Store Closures

Macy’s to CVS: Impressive List of 20 Retail Stores Closing in 2016-2017

Update: See a timeline of retail store closures from 2016 to the first five weeks of 2018. Are retail stores going extinct? It’s beginning to …

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Why Buying Fake Reviews Doesn’t Work

Since the dawn of the Internet, people have been trying to be something they’re not. This cartoon from 1993 has always been one of my …

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Amazon Review Trolls Get Political

Amazon is (Mostly) Doing a Good Job of Removing Review Trolls

The Trolls have been out in full force recently, and we aren’t referring to the movie which capitalizes on nostalgia from my childhood. No, we’re talking …

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WSJ: Both Online & Offline Shoppers Read Reviews Online

In today’s Wall Street Journal there is a good article on the new emphasis retailers like Amazon, Zappos, Etsy and Garnett Hill are placing on the …

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Sun Chips Compostable Bags

What Ever Happened to the Sun Chips® Compostable Bag?

File Under: Product Design Flaws In 2008, in a nod to the environment, Sun Chips® maker Frito-Lay® made their bags compostable. However, there was a …

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Iceberg Effect: Product Reviews

Aggregate & Analyze 100% of Your Product Reviews, From Anywhere

When You Only Measure Product Reviews on Your Own Website, You’re Only Getting the Tip of the Iceberg We all know the old iceberg metaphor. …

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Q4 Sales Revenue Measurement

This Metric Will Tell you Why Q4 Sales Revenue is Up or Down

Like every year, U.S. retail sales are predicted to spike as we enter the fourth quarter. Over the last five calendar years, sales in the 4th …

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Owlet Case Study

Owlet Case Study: How Do You Know If Your Marketing Message Is Working?

Your company has spent thousands if not millions trying to develop an image of your product, but is it working? “Half the money I spend …

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What Makes a Helpful Product Review?

Oftentimes, the first review we see isn’t the most recent review, but the most “helpful.” To some it may seem the most recent review is the …

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Stock Predictions

Study: Product Reviews the Newest Predictive Stock Indicator

Amazon first started allowing consumers to post product reviews in 1995. Ever since then, product reviews have steadily been gaining traction as a business performance …

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Counterfeit Products

How to Find Counterfeit Products Online via Your Product Reviews

Maintaining the integrity of a brand is one of the most challenging roles any marketing team faces. Counterfeit products are not anything new, and as …

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Birkenstock Leaves Amazon & Early Signs of Counterfeit Products

As a 240 year old company, you can imagine Birkenstock has had to overcome a gamut of issues in its lifetime. In today’s changing face of …

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