Worst Kind of Negative Review

The Worst Kind of One Star Product Review You Can Get

Haters Gonna Hate (but some people have genuine problems with your product, and then your brand.) Haters. Even the best brands in the world have …

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From Amazon Basics to Cat & Jack: In a Brand Agnostic World, Who Are Your Competitors?

Who are your competitors in 2018? I’ll start with a quick story that isn’t too much of a digression. I have an avocado waste problem. …

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online sales explode

Online Sales Explode in the Past Week

For as long as we’ve known, brick and mortar sales have been the big draw of Black Friday, the shopping experience and the tradition being …

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holiday survey 2017

Deloitte: Wealthiest Households to Spend $2,226 this Holiday Season

As we enter Black Friday week, we turn our attention to the 2017 holiday shopping season. Deloitte has released its annual Holiday Survey for 2017. …

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Low Hanging Fruit

Product Reviews are the Low Hanging Fruit in your Buyer Persona Design

When designing buyer personas, guidebooks often recommend gathering information by finding people to interview. They talk about searching for candidates on sites like Craigslist. They even …

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Buyer Centric Strategy

Your Company May Not Be as Buyer Centric as You Think

Most companies are still inside looking out. They are building products that they think consumers will buy. Sure, many get feedback from athletes, focus groups …

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Retail Salespeople

These Two Groups Amount to Your Most Powerful Sales Force

According to a McKinsey survey, more than 25% of a company’s total revenue and profits come from the launch of new products. The same research …

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VOC Benchmarking

How to Benchmark the Voice of the Customer

Companies spend millions of dollars on Voice of the Customer (VOC) tools. The goal? Understand their customers and prospects in order to improve products, customer service, …

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Voice of the Buyer

Are You Getting the True Voice of the Buyer (VoB) in your Voice of the Consumer (VoC) Program?

Traditional VoC programs help brands measure their audience through surveys, interviews and focus groups. Today, it also includes measurement of social media and product reviews. …

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How CEOs Use Reviews

How CEOs Can Use Product Reviews

In some companies, the CEO may feel the furthest away from the buyer, save for some distant investor or board member. But in the consumer …

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Why Am I Seeing Duplicate Reviews?

When using a review aggregation service to collect, measure and analyze your product reviews from multiple sites, you might notice some duplication from time to …

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Ecommerce Conversations Podcast

Hear Channel Signal Founder Paul Kirwin on “Ecommerce Conversations” [Podcast]

Brands have been catching on to the power of measuring the buyer voice through product reviews. And now, so is the media. The Ecommerce Conversations podcast, …

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Outdoor Retailer 35th Anniversary Edition

Channel Signal Partner Carson Stanwood Lauded as PR Pioneer in 35th Anniversary Edition of Outdoor Retailer Magazine

It’s been a big year for Outdoor Retailer. In February, the group announced they’d be leaving the state of Utah due to a difference in …

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Calculated Product Innovation vs. Visionary Ideas: The Dove Experiment

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but do customers wish to be reminded of their differences? Dove’s limited edition collection of body wash bottles …

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Incite Marketing Summit West

Channel Signal CEO Paul Kirwin to Speak at Incite Marketing Summit

Paul Kirwin to present among leaders from GE, Twitter, Pandora, Intel, Microsoft and Facebook Bringing together Chief Marketing Officers from major U.S. and global brands, …

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Competitor Analysis Tools for 2017

5 Competitor Analysis Tools You Need in 2017

One of the most important factors that goes into the success of a product and ultimately a brand is keeping a finger on the pulse of …

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Negative Reviews Thumbs Down

10 Mistakes to Avoid when Responding to Negative Product Reviews

Is it a good idea to respond to negative product reviews? The answer depends on many factors. Before deciding on a company policy around review responses, …

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five stars

Do You Always Want 5 Stars?

noun per·fec·tion \pər-ˈfek-shən\ A quality or condition that cannot be improved; The act of improving something so that it has no flaws. – Merriam-Webster We talk a …

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Leveraging the Voice of the Buyer

After much research Channel Signal has come to the conclusion that, 5% of buyers generally write product reviews.  Now, this percentage varies widely and depends …

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Customer Feedback Loop

Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

During the design and pre-launch phases of a new product, companies use a range of methods to gauge and predict consumer satisfaction, such as focus …

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