15 Real Customer Reviews About FitBit Charge 2 Changes

FitBit Charge 2When customers search for a fitness tracker, there are a few names that stand out in the industry. But brand recognition only goes so far. At one point or another during the purchase cycle, 82% of customers are likely to research product reviews before making their decision.
Luckily for FitBit, the latest release has been to much fanfare. The Charge 2 was released in Q4 of 2016 touting many new features and upgrades.  Here’s what product reviewers are loving the most about the changes.

 5 FitBit Charge Changes Customers Love ♥

1. Screen Size

Fitbit Charge 2 Screen Size Reviews“I love it!! The larger screen and auto detect are great. Highly recommend” — Brittany S.
“I’ve owned the previous model before and was satisfied with it but the screen was a tad bit too small for me and was at times hard to read. I love my Fitbit Charge 2! Way bigger and easier to read screen, much brighter too. It has kept me motivated along with my friends who also own fitbit devices. I have been a lot healthier and have lost a couple of pounds.The HR monitor has been improved and the pedometer is on par with my treadmill. Overall I love this thing and would definitely buy another one if mine ever breaks by an accident.” — Cenon M.
“Love my fitbit! The screen size is perfect, easy to see time with flip of wrist, love the features especially the Bluetooth to vibrate the fitbit when I get a call or message since I have hearing problems and never hear my phone ring. Also like the sleep tracking.” — Pat

2. Sleep Tracker

Fitbit Charge 2 Sleep Reviews“I am an Uncompensated reviewer. I just had my 3rd baby, and was looking for a more accurate way to determine just how much activity I was actually doing. After reading about all of the different models, I selected the charge for these reasons: 1. My text messages come through. I know, not really the purpose of a Fitbit, but I love that feature. 2. Sleep tracker. It proves to my darling husband that I really am up with the babe more than he is. 3. And finally, it has the option to set for exercise and logs the duration for you. I wasn’t sure if I’d actually use this product, but am very happy with my purchase. I’ve been able to set goals and am seeing the results of those goals, which was the whole purpose of getting this device!” — Paige
“This is for my wife who is very fit and very active. She was’t sure how much she would use it, but she does much more than she thought. Absolutely LOVES it. Being an awful sleeper, she especially is in awe as to how much info she gets about that.” — Idy
“I’m not a fitness guru but I love the fact that I can track my daily activities as well as my heart rate and sleep habits. Great product!” — Tori

3. Interchangeable Band

FitBit Charge 2 Band Reviews“…if grease splatters onto the band and messes it up….you can buy a new band. You aren’t stuck with the band that comes with it. Not only that, but you can buy leather bands if you want it to be more like a watch, or many other types.” — Amazon Customer
“Love it so far. The replacaceable band feature was huge vs the previous charge HR. I Bought a black metal band to go with it and it really makes it look classy for work. Great screen; much better than the charge HR. Once they make a band like this waterproof at the $150 price point it will be flawless.” — Broadpsectrum
“I purchased this on December 2nd and have used it continuously ever since that time. I absolutely love it! I am a runner and relatively active person. This has kept me moving all day long. Love competing with family and friends for steps and the Fitbit challenges that come along. The HRM feature is pretty accurate on me and I am so happy with the purchase. I also box after-market bands to switch the looks up occasionally and make sure the bands don’t get too worn or stinky.” — Mommylucy

4. Heart Rate Monitor Accuracy

FitBit Charge 2 Heart Rate Monitor Reviews“LOVE this, not sure I could live without it at this point. Heart rate monitor is accurate and so is step count. The constant software upgrades are nice as well.” — Patrick Carter
“Love my Fitbit a little too much. I had the older Fitbit charge heart rate and I loved it too but I wished I could see the time and my heart rate and now I can with the Charge 2.” — Amazon Customer
“Accurately tracks heart rate for HIIT workouts” — Lauren

5. New Relax Feature

FitBit Charge 2 Relax Feature Reviews“This is my favorite Fitbit to date! It tracks my steps, stairs, and gives my heart rate too.One of the fun things it does that I didn’t know about until I got it is the Relax function. It walks you through 2 minutes of relaxation breathing techniques to calm you down. Wow! It is great to use at work.” — Rebecca of Sunnybrook
“Love it!!! I have heart failure so the 2 min relaxation mode really helps when my heart starts racing. I love how easy it is to monitor my heart rate which is important to me. I love the prompts to get up & walk and the encouragement from the little dancing guy. Plus it tells me who’s calling my phone & shows my text msgs when I’m away from my phone (but you can’t respond from the Fitbit which is fine. Oh and did I mention that I love it!” — Gina122
“Great fitness band! Sleek and fit well. I liked how it would remind you to breathe and help you meditate for a bit. Very nice! Thanks!” — Mikaela

A Few Potentially Negative Things to Keep an Eye On

While the reviews for FitBit Charge 2 are at or above our average for positivity, there were a few negative references. Some of these negative comments came in 4 or 5 star reviews, so while it’s clear customers are generally happy, there are a few gripes:

  • Step Counts — Customers found discrepancies in totals
  • Set Up — A small number of customers found the process to be difficult
  • Product Failure — A significant number of reviews mentioned inoperability out of the box or during use
  • Arm Position — Some are frustrated that steps were not counted unless their arm was moving
  • HR Discrepancy — While accuracy reviews are generally positive, we did see some complaints that the rates were off dramatically from other fitness monitors, gym equipment, and medical devices

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