Funny Product Reviews

7 Funny Product Reviews & What Brands Can Learn

We’ve all seen them. Funny product reviews from customers who may not be ripe for the stand up stage, but they sure make us chuckle …

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Brands Out of Touch

U.S. Advertising Statistics Wildly Out of Touch with Consumers

U.S. advertising statistics are drastically out of touch with what consumers trust when making a purchasing decision. Brands in the United States are spending more on …

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Missing KPI

Two KPIs Your Company Is Overlooking [VIDEO]

The odds are your company is measuring all types of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). From Inventory Churn, Market Share, Conversion, Daily Sales, Gross Revenue and …

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consumers and ingredients

Clorox, Burt’s Bees and EWG’s Sunscreen Guide: When Should Manufacturers Listen to Consumers on Ingredients?

A week after the Environmental Working Group released its Annual Guide to Sunscreens, the news that 75% of the products out there offer poor protection …

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how to analyze reviews

How to Analyze Product Review Feedback [VIDEO]

Paul Kirwin, CEO of Channel Signal, discusses how current companies are measuring product review feedback. 1) They Don’t Many companies don’t collect, measure or analyze their …

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missing when you don't measure

What are you Missing by Not Measuring Product Reviews? [INFOGRAPHIC]

No matter where Americans make their purchases—online, mobile, or retail stores—product reviews are the common denominator. 90% of shoppers use them in their decision-making process. …

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respond to bad reviews

Responding to Negative Reviews: Do or Don’t?

As a company, you have come to realize the power of product reviews. More than 90% of all consumer purchases involve reading at least some …

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product review actions

What do Brands do with Online Product Reviews? [VIDEO]

It’s clear that consumer generated product reviews are getting more attention by consumers and the brands they write about. And yes, reviews are now considered …

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target product review omnichannel

REI, Target Incorporate Consumer Product Reviews in Omnichannel Retailing Strategy

Consumer Reviews a Main Reason for Omni-Channel Shopping The need for product reviews when shopping only online is fairly obvious. Obscurity runs rampant when a …

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product reviews and different departments

Measuring Consumer Product Reviews is a Gift to These 4 Departments [VIDEO]

The gift-giving season of 2015 has come to an end. Your company has likely been on vacation for the better part of the last month, …

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common product review topics

8 Topics Consumers Discuss in Product Reviews [VIDEO]

Product reviews address real issues faced by the customer. When leaving reviews, consumers take time to craft well thought out and detailed reviews. Unlike social …

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Outdoor Industry Review Sentiment Averages

The Average Breakout of Product Reviews (1 to 5 Stars) [VIDEO]

With an overwhelming 68% of all product reviews being very positive (5 stars) increasing the volume of your product reviews is critical to increasing sales …

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crowd innovation

Four Ways to Use the Crowd for Innovation

A successful business includes finding a problem someone is willing to pay to solve.  It sounds easy, but coming up with new problems to solve …

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fake reviewers

Why is Amazon Suing Fake Reviewers?

They say money can buy anything, and that includes positive reviews for your product. However, Amazon is suing 1,114 “John Does” who have written ‘false’ …

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brands need to bridge the gap

Brands are Out of Sync with Shoppers [VIDEO]

What Influences a Customer’s Buying Decision? We know there are key influencers or influences helping consumers buy a certain product or service. According to a …

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“Webrooming” Means Revenue for Brick & Mortar Retailers

Like many people, I start most of my purchases online, webrooming. Webrooming is the process of using the internet to become more educated about a …

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Why is the TSA on Yelp? Answer: Money

It sounds like the setup for joke but it’s true: your experiences with the Transportation Security Administration, possibly the most reviled government entity this side …

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roi on measuring reviews

The ROI of Measuring Consumer Product Reviews

If I had a nickel for every company who’s said they don’t need to measure consumer feedback because they “read reviews every day”, I’d have …

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product disappointment

Making the Most of Bad Product Reviews

While consumer product reviews run around 80% positive for all our clients, using the Channel Signal platform is often the first time our clients are …

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competitor swot analysis

How to do a Competitor SWOT Analysis [Fuelband Example – VIDEO]

In our last video blog, we talked about the importance of measuring product reviews during the product development phase. But how can you use product …

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