Runner-to-Runner: Laces Cause Frustration in Footwear Reviews

This blog is part of a new Channel Signal series, Runner-to-Runner, where we examine topics and trends within the peer-to-peer conversation about running goods through …

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amazon product control for brands

Ways to Gain Control Over Your Brand’s Amazon Product Detail Page

At Channel Signal, we believe that if a customer takes the time to write a product review, a brand should know what it says. What …

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unsafe foods prediction reviews

Scientists Say Reviews Predict Unsafe Foods. Here’s What Else Reviews Can Do.

This month, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine announced the findings of their product review research. Their conclusion? Product reviews can predict foods that …

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human element

Tapping the Human Element Via Unstructured Data in Product Reviews

Think about some of the most popular websites today. One of the main elements Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and Wikipedia have in common is humanity. We …

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The Voice of the Marketplace

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We Listened

And the Most Important Factor in Consumer Buying Decisions Behind Features and Price is….

A new global consumer survey conducted in 2019 has revealed that product reviews are the most important factor when making a purchase, next to features …

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product review statistics brands

5 Product Review Facts You Probably Didn’t Know [Infographic]

Updated June 2019 If you work for a product-focused, consumer-centric company and you aren’t measuring product reviews, you’ll want to pay attention to this infographic. …

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SFIA Industry Leader Summit

Paul Kirwin to Speak at the SFIA Industry Leaders Summit

Park City, Utah | June 13, 2019 Channel Signal CEO Paul Kirwin rounds out a highly respected group of speakers and keynote speakers slated to …

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Broken Golf Club Cartoon Illustration Meme

From Mother’s Day to Back to School: The Bigger Meaning for Brands

While the the end-of-year holidays are the most talked about selling time for brands, there’s another period that offers some important marketing dates: summertime. This …

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A Bottle of Urine and a Lost Customer

Left-Footed Dinosaurs In the early days, when companies were responding to customer complaints, whether on social media or product review channels, they would always take …

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Dr. Bronner's Outstanding Revenue Growth

Dr. Bronner’s Grew Revenue 2963% in 20 Years With No Advertising

Dr. Bronner’s Loyalty Through the Ages A camping trip without a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s is like forgetting your sleeping bag. Peppermint. Sudsy. Easy on …

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Retail Sales Today

I Founded 3Point5 on a Premise that is Already Outdated

It’s been 15 years since I told SNEWS, “3point5 is the standard distance in feet between a retail salesperson and a consumer when they are …

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customer-experience puzzle

Companies Call it the Most Exciting Business Opportunity Today, but What’s Missing? [VIDEO]

Customer Experience is Today’s Biggest Opportunity Companies believe the Customer Experience is the most exciting opportunity in business today (Econsultancy and Adobe). It’s no surprise …

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There’s Gold in These Stars.

Fun Facts: Consumers spend 31% more on products that have good reviews. Product reviews are widely trusted, second only to friends and family. Channel Signal …

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radio interview

Channel Signal CEO Paul Kirwin Featured on Mountain Money

A lot has changed since Paul Kirwin founded 3point5, which represented the average distance, in feet, between a retail salesperson and a customer during a …

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organized data

Clean Consumer Feedback Data is Critical

Recently, we have been uncovering just how consumer product review data is driving business for today’s brands. We have also been amazed at the amount …

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Barbie Sales Over Time

As Barbie Turns 60, Mattel Aims to Stay On Trend With Consumers

It’s hard to believe that Barbie has been around since the 50’s, but it was 1959 when American businesswoman Ruth Handler created her. Did you …

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Press Release: Park City Entrepreneur Writes Book About Consumer Reviews

After 15 years as an entrepreneur in the retail and consumer goods industry, Paul Kirwin, founder and CEO of Channel Signal, writes his first book …

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The Fall of Mass Advertising and the Rise of the Consumer

In my new book, Standout in the Age of the Consumer, I make the case that there has been a major sea change in the …

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Press Release: Standing Out

Running Insight 3.1.19 Paul Kirwin provides insight into how specialty retailers can be noticed in a crowded environment.

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