predictive analytics

Quantifying User Experience in 2019 Means Predictive Analytics

For decades, companies have relied on transactional data to determine performance. For B2C product companies, this means point-of sale data that verifies the revenue generated …

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Product Images

New Platform Features Help with Workflow and Visuality

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Why Product Reviews Matter in 2019

Why Product Reviews Matter More Than Ever in 2019

As has been often stated, 82% of consumers trust product reviews in the purchasing cycle (Pew). Their trust is second only to friends and family, …

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Cyber Monday Black Friday Shopping 2018

$20.5 Billion in 4 Days & Why I Wrote a Book [Paul Kirwin]

Adobe Analytics reports the following for 2018: $6.2 billion in just online sales on Black Friday (traditionally a retail holiday). Up 19.7% over last year. $6.4 billion …

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Calculate the Financial Impact of Your Negative Reviews

Join our live webinar November 14th to explore the impact of your bad product reviews. Sign up here.   You know 1- & 2-star reviews …

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competitor's customer

Your Customers Just Told You Why They Chose the Competition

When it comes to competitive analytics tools in 2018, the possibilities are endless. From market research and surveys to social media monitoring and keyword rankings, …

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compare apples to apples

Why You Never Want 100% 5 Star Reviews

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Responding to Reviews on Amazon

5 Rules for Responding to Negative Reviews on Amazon

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Infographic: The Evolution of Word of Mouth (From Ancient Camp Fires to Keyboards)

Advertising, in all its forms, isn’t working. Less than 25% of online consumers trust print ads. The numbers are even worse for digital ads (AdAge). …

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High Rises in Manhattan

The Facebook & Wells Fargo Apology Tour of 2018

Both Facebook and Wells Fargo are spending (yes spending, not investing) millions of dollars on advertising campaigns that basically say, “We screwed up. We are …

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Scatter Chart Wireless Headphones

New Scatter Chart Helps Identify Product Winners & Losers in a Competitive Set [Video]

To say that we are excited about the new Scatter Chart in the Channel Signal platform would be an understatement. This is one of the …

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Stanley PMI

Featured Client: Stanley

Revolutionizing the Way People Enjoy Food & Beverage Stanley, a brand of Pacific Market International, is constantly working toward its vision of revolutionizing the way …

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Fake reviews don't matter

Some Reviews are Fake: Three Reasons that Doesn’t Matter

News Flash: There are Fake Reviews Out There. In 2016, Amazon made a big push to remove incentivized reviews from its platform. What it actually …

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New Channel Signal Website

3 Things We Love Most About the New ChannelSignal.com

Welcome to the new ChannelSignal.com! Whether you’re a first time visitor or a regular, you may have noticed our new look. The new ChannelSignal.com was …

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Polarized Reviews

Are Most Reviews Either Very Positive or Very Negative?

In a number of different conversations recently, I’ve heard people state their belief that reviews are polarized, meaning they’re either glowing or bashing, with little …

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Paul Kirwin

Hear CEO Paul Kirwin on the Channel Mastery Podcast

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden is the CEO and Founder of Verde Brand Communications, an award-winning communications and strategy firm with nearly 20 years of expertise. Kristin and …

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Review Stars

New Features on the Channel Signal Platform

This month’s newest features continue to improve upon the best tools to benchmark your brand’s user experiences against the competition. For a demo of the …

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Comey Book Reviews

Is Amazon’s Handling of James Comey’s Book Reviews Unfair to Other Political Authors?

At the time of this writing, James Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty, had received 740 product reviews on Amazon.com. 94% of those reviews are positive (4 …

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market analysis new product development

How to Conduct a Market Analysis for a New Product (Because We Can’t All Be Henry Ford)

Some people have a knack for developing products that people love, regardless of what the market says. Take Henry Ford and his famous quote about …

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home depot email

Home Depot Continues to Show it Understands Consumers

In today’s landscape where retail stores are closing in droves, it takes a lot to stand out. Or maybe what it takes is something simple. …

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