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Companies Call it the Most Exciting Business Opportunity Today, but What’s Missing? [VIDEO]

Customer Experience is Today’s Biggest Opportunity Companies believe the Customer Experience is the most exciting opportunity in business today (Econsultancy and Adobe). It’s no surprise …

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There’s Gold in These Stars.

Fun Facts: Consumers spend 31% more on products that have good reviews. Product reviews are widely trusted, second only to friends and family. Channel Signal …

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radio interview

Channel Signal CEO Paul Kirwin Featured on Mountain Money

A lot has changed since Paul Kirwin founded 3point5, which represented the average distance, in feet, between a retail salesperson and a customer during a …

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organized data

Clean Consumer Feedback Data is Critical

Recently, we have been uncovering just how consumer product review data is driving business for today’s brands. We have also been amazed at the amount …

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Barbie Sales Over Time

As Barbie Turns 60, Mattel Aims to Stay On Trend With Consumers

It’s hard to believe that Barbie has been around since the 50’s, but it was 1959 when American businesswoman Ruth Handler created her. Did you …

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Press Release: Park City Entrepreneur Writes Book About Consumer Reviews

After 15 years as an entrepreneur in the retail and consumer goods industry, Paul Kirwin, founder and CEO of Channel Signal, writes his first book …

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The Fall of Mass Advertising and the Rise of the Consumer

In my new book, Standout in the Age of the Consumer, I make the case that there has been a major sea change in the …

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Press Release: Standing Out

Running Insight 3.1.19 Paul Kirwin provides insight into how specialty retailers can be noticed in a crowded environment.

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FTC Cracks Down on Fake Reviews

The First of Its Kind In a press release this last week, the Federal Trade Commission filed its first case against a company paying for …

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Press Release: Channel Signal Connects Brands To Consumers With New Analytics Tool

Park City―In the modern age of consumer influence, Channel Signal has developed a powerful platform that allows brands to monitor, analyze and leverage the post-purchase …

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Ignore Your Customer at Great Risk

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What the New Post-It Extreme Notes can Teach Brands About Audience Expansion

The original Post-It notes from 3M are a wonderful invention that solve real problems for home and office users. With the slogan “Make it Stick …

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Product Benchmarking

Competitive Product Benchmarking: Can You Answer These 20 Questions?

For product-focused marketers, designers and developers, it can be easy to get caught up in our own metrics. Looking at survey data, focus group results, …

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promotional price epidemic

A Solution to the Promotional Price Epidemic

A couple of days ago I read a great article by Matt Powell, Vice President and Senior Industry Advisor at NPD, in his Sneakernomics series: …

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predictive analytics

Quantifying User Experience in 2019 Means Predictive Analytics

For decades, companies have relied on transactional data to determine performance. For B2C product companies, this means point-of sale data that verifies the revenue generated …

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Product Images

New Platform Features Help with Workflow and Visuality

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Why Product Reviews Matter in 2019

Why Product Reviews Matter More Than Ever in 2019

As has been often stated, 82% of consumers trust product reviews in the purchasing cycle (Pew). Their trust is second only to friends and family, …

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Cyber Monday Black Friday Shopping 2018

$20.5 Billion in 4 Days & Why I Wrote a Book [Paul Kirwin]

Adobe Analytics reports the following for 2018: $6.2 billion in just online sales on Black Friday (traditionally a retail holiday). Up 19.7% over last year. $6.4 billion …

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Calculate the Financial Impact of Your Negative Reviews

Join our live webinar November 14th to explore the impact of your bad product reviews. Sign up here.   You know 1- & 2-star reviews …

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competitor's customer

Your Customers Just Told You Why They Chose the Competition

When it comes to competitive analytics tools in 2018, the possibilities are endless. From market research and surveys to social media monitoring and keyword rankings, …

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