Channel Signal Strikes Innovative Deal To Bring New Power to the Point of Sale

Channel Signal has entered into an agreement with Active Interest Media for an exciting new program to carry momentum into the now critical channel of ecommerce.
It’s called Gear360 and here’s how it works:

  • Active Interest Media (AIM), long in the business of writing and publishing editorial reviews about product performance through its many publications, will write an editorial review about each product assigned to the program.
  • AIM will also put that product to the test through their membership and tester programs. Those people will write performance reviews.
  • This volume of expert reviews of a specific product will be posted in the AIM digital platforms reaching millions, and also in the brand’
  • Channel Signal will collect product reviews on the product from a variety of ecommerce sites and post an aggregated consumer review Score on the’s site and on AIM’s digital sites.

The goal is to combine the power of editorial reviews with an aggregated product review score to present a combination of expert and consumer opinion that will get the potential buyer closer to a purchasing decision.
Here’s the video:

If a brand is interested in learning more, please contact: [email protected] or neil@localhost