AI Tells Us Why

We Are AI Integrated
Recently, we have implemented an Artificial Intelligence tool, which has allowed Channel Signal to dive even deeper into the minds of shoppers. 
We know that there is no better place to hear the voice of the consumer than in reviews. As the need to more accurately understand exactly what the consumer is saying grows, we are learning more about how to get inside those conversations. 
Our data aggregation method and our Channel Signal Score tells us a lot about what people say about products and brands. We can dynamically analyze data and tell companies everything they need to know. 
But our AI application analyzes the conversations people are having about products and brands by tearing apart the words in reviews. Not only can we see more clearly, we can also see more. With AI, we can see not only what people are saying, but we can also tell how customers are feeling about products and brands. By tearing apart the words in reviews, we see how often certain words are being used and how those words are being used in relation to one another. Looking at it this way, we can analyze the substance, tone and context of certain concepts and conversations. We call this sentiment analysis.

Using AI data analytics we can see inside the conversations people are having about products by breaking down the words in thousands of reviews. In this storyboard we see how concepts and words in the conversations people are having about running shoes are mapped out and related.

A Deeper Approach to Insights
Using AI for sentiment analysis is an extremely useful way to approach our insights. It gives us direction, like a compass, to further examine things like product performance within our Channel Signal platform. It allows us to more specifically target searches, see what data might be interesting to compare and it allows us to look at specific trends happening in the marketplace  – all based on what consumers have to say. 
For example, a shopper might give a pair of running shoes they purchased a Channel Signal Score of 4.0.  In the review, they hated the product – they bought the same shoe last year, in the same size and this pair doesn’t fit the same. Even though they were disappointed, they say they love the brand and will try another style to find a better fit, hence the high score. In short, the score had no bearing on the performance of the product. 
If we just looked at the score, we would not get the whole picture. AI allows us to view our aggregated reviews in a totally new way. It’s like seeing things in color, not just black and white.