AI Tells Us Why

We Are AI Integrated Recently, we have implemented an Artificial Intelligence tool, which has allowed Channel Signal to dive even deeper into the minds of …

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Is Your Business Getting the Whole Picture?

A few years ago, I was traveling through Sedona, Arizona on my way to the Outdoor Industry rendezvous in Scottsdale. I stopped for the night …

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Trusted Reviews Drive Sales

Unbiased reviews equal consumer trust Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the US in mid-March, e-commerce has exploded as consumers shop more from home. In fact, …

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Channel Signal Strikes Innovative Deal To Bring New Power to the Point of Sale

Channel Signal has entered into an agreement with Active Interest Media for an exciting new program to carry momentum into the now critical channel of …

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Since the Pandemic, Reviews Drive Online Sales

Why Reviews Matter Now, more than ever, people are reading reviews before making purchases online.  Since the beginning of March until now, 53 percent of …

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Is Amazon Past Its Prime?

While it’s not breaking news that mega retailer, Amazon, has shifted emphasis to selling essential goods, what you may not know is Channel Signal’s review …

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Reviews Show Sneakers Are Stepping Up

Walkin’ I’m walkin’, yes indeed, and I’m talkin’ ’bout you and me I’m hopin’ that you’ll come back to me (yes) I’m lonely as I …

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To Buy Or Not To Buy: Eliminating Uncertainty

Making Online Shopping Easier Return It If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, return it. This old adage may have been fitting in the …

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The Good, Bad And Ugly As Seen In Reviews

What’s Happening Now As more consumers are being driven online to shop during these first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are accruing valuable feedback …

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Experts Predict Uptick in Online Shopping Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Two Weeks We are closing in on the two-week mark since President Trump announced a state of national emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic here …

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online shopping covid-19

Consumer Survey About COVID-19 and the Drastic Shift to Online

Note: At Channel Signal, we are aware of the worldwide concern over the Novel Coronavirus and the safety of the people. We are sensitive to …

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Product Reviews Leading Indicators of Sales

Product Reviews are Leading Indicators of a Product’s Performance

Are you getting pressure to measure sales and sales alone? Revenue and Profit are critical metrics, no doubt. Unfortunately they are they are focused on …

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2020 Super Bowl LIV Commercials Compared to What the Target Consumer Really Wants

We’ve been talking a lot recently about ads vs. reviews. One is big budget, the other is high trust. There’s no more famously big budget …

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Consumers Find their Personal Stories Mirrored in Reviews

We received a lot of feedback from last week’s article stating 78% more people trust product reviews than ads. If you found that number to …

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trust in ads

78% More People Trust Reviews Than Ads. Here’s Why.

My wife and I were watching television (the old fashioned cable kind) the other night. Each 3-minute commercial break was our cue to get up …

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Paul Kirwin SFIA

Channel Signal 2019 Year in Review

Or should we say “Year in Reviews”? Channel Signal is all about finding the gold in your product reviews. And it goes beyond the stars. …

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10/90 Rule of Reviews = Leverage

What is the 10/90 Rule of Reviews? [Infographic]

What percentage of your customers take the time to write a review? It’s a number most businesses could acquire with some ease. What we do …

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Peloton Social Media Mishap

Will Peloton’s Ad Snafu End Up a Net Benefit?

Leading into the holiday season, Peloton launched a new 30 second spot to power sales through the new year. Well, it sparked a fury, first …

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Custom Orthotics in Running Shoes

Runner-to-Runner: Shoes Must Work With Custom Orthotics

This blog is part of a new Channel Signal series, Runner-to-Runner, where we examine topics and trends within the peer-to-peer conversation about running footwear. The …

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running shoe unboxing experience

Runner-to-Runner: Consumers Delighted with Great Fit “Out of the Box”

This blog is part of a new Channel Signal series, Runner-to-Runner, where we examine topics and trends within the peer-to-peer conversation about running goods through …

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