3 cool things you might not know about Channel Signal

You may know that Channel Signal has a strong platform that collects customer reviews from all over the web and normalizes data in useful and powerful ways. But what does that really look like? What can we really do for brands and businesses?

Here are three things you might not know about Channel Signal:

1. Use Channel Signal to help guide product development and innovation

The data we collect about what people are saying about your products and your competitors’ will help you improve existing products and come up with new ideas for products to meet consumer desire and demand. For example, we recently worked with a major nutrition bar company, who wanted a deep dive into what their competitors were doing both well and poorly in their lineup of offerings. Through this, we found that there was a generally high level of dissatisfaction with traditional protein bars. We learned that the experience of eating these bars was just getting kind of old and that a new type of product – a waffle or cookie – was getting much higher sentiment ratings than traditional bars. With this information, the brand was armed with a potential new direction to explore.

2. We can dive into very specific requests

Using the powerful Channel Signal platform we can help you address all kinds of very specific requests. We are currently working with a company that makes electronic deadbolts and door handles, that is using data from customer reviews to stay on top of safety issues being talked about in online reviews. We even created a list of specific drivers that we incorporated into our search options to look at different aspects of safety concerns, like security, safety issues with packaging, etc. With this information, they can get real-time feedback about problems people are having with their products to stay ahead of the curve.

3. Source profiling for business development

Lots of companies sell their products through multiple retailers and their products, of course, do better with some sources than with others. We’re currently working with a brand that would like to improve its performance with Target shoppers. Recently, they were moved down to the bottom shelf and we’re helping them figure out how to move their real estate back up by diving into reviews collected by Target about their products and comparing them to what people are saying about their products on the websites of other retailers. With our AI platform, we can look deep inside the conversations people are having and find out what’s important and where they might be missing the mark with Target.

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