Clean Consumer Feedback Data is Critical

Recently, we have been uncovering just how consumer product review data is driving business for today’s brands. We have also been amazed at the amount of bad data that companies are relying on to drive important business decisions with regard to marketing, sales and product development.
What we have learned is that data scientists spend 60% of their time cleaning and organizing data.
Why so much time? Because the retail environment has changed. Instead of brands building products and selling directly to brick & mortar retail, they now sell directly online, indirectly online, through their own brick & mortar stores and through independent brick & mortar operations. In short, the distribution system has become complex and with that complexity comes identical products with different product titles, different pricing, and problems with tracking, management and counterfeit product.

Clean Product Review Data Means Reliable Actionability

Clean Product Review Data
A single product title might have dozens or even hundreds of variations across the web, and unique identifiers aren’t consistent. Channel Signal’s human-augmented data cleaning helps you analyze products cleanly.

Channel Signal actively filters out 30% of the product reviews we collect. They are either duplicates, irrelevant, old or not in the brand’s distribution system.  We know the amount of automation that we have in place. And we know that it is managed by excellent data specialists.
We spend a lot of money building the best solution that gets it right for our clients. This way, all relevant product titles – no matter how messy they may initially seem – are organized under the brand’s preferred product title. What is concerning is the amount of bad product review data that many business are receiving and acting on. For example, many different product titles of the same product displayed separately in a platform.
Much of the customer experience is measured in the product review data. Bad data can lead to bad decisions. And there will be accountability by senior management for bad decisions based on bad data. It will show up in the P&L.
Make sure you’re hearing the right messaging from the buyers who have purchased your products. Learn how Channel Signal can help.