Channel Signal CEO Paul Kirwin Featured on Mountain Money

Stand Out in the Age of the ConsumerA lot has changed since Paul Kirwin founded 3point5, which represented the average distance, in feet, between a retail salesperson and a customer during a conversation. When he founded that company (now ExpertVoice), retail salespeople had powerful sway over consumer purchasing decisions.
Today, Paul argues, that distance has changed. In fact, it’s not even measured in feet, because the power that influences shoppers has moved online. That distance could be two feet when looking at a computer monitor or six inches if looking at a phone. Today, consumers trust product reviews second only to friends and family. That makes product reviews the most measurable metric brands can use to understand the consumer.
Roger Goldman and Doug Wells discuss Paul’s history and his new book, Stand Out in the Age of the Consumer, on the latest episode of Mountain Money. Listen to the full interview here.