Calculate the Financial Impact of Your Negative Reviews

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You know 1- & 2-star reviews are bad.

When asked, most people will tell you they believe 1- and 2-star reviews have a negative impact on their business. But, rather than using metrics, it’s typically more of a gut feeling. Much like getting picked last for school yard ball is a pretty good indicator of your performance on the field.

Have you ever wondered about the true financial impact of them?

Channel Signal’s free Negative Review Impact Calculator allows you to estimate the impact of any product’s negative reviews in two ways:
  1. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)—How many of these unsatisfied customers will not purchase from your brand again based on this bad experience? What is the opportunity cost of losing the loyalty of these sometimes hard-to-win-over customers?
  2. Future Shoppers—Importantly, the negative reviews not only impact those unhappy customers, but also hundreds if not thousands of future customers who read their reviews while evaluating a purchase. What is the impact of future shoppers in relation to your bottom line?

How does it work?

Negative Review Impact Calculator PreviewTo use the calculator, simply enter the URL of a specific product page from Amazon in the field provided. The instant results will display the impact to CLV and Future Shoppers in three segments:

  1. Your Amazon Channel
  2. Your Other Ecommerce Partners
  3. Your Brick & Mortar Retail Channel

While our formula is proprietary, we are transparent with you and want to ensure the tool is useful to your specific industry. To start, we allow you to edit some of the default numbers to ensure the utmost accuracy. If you’d like a walkthrough of the tool where we can discuss and customize the metrics even further, then please contact us.

What do I do with this information, in other words, so what?

Understanding the impact of your negative reviews is the first step in mitigating it. The Channel Signal platform is the #1 tool for helping you uncover actionable issues users are sharing with the marketplace about your products. The decisions you make with the data can improve your performance and drive revenue up.

Use the Negative Review Impact Calculator Tool Now!

After you check out the free tool, be sure to request a walkthrough of your results with one of the Channel Signal user experience experts.