Are you getting the full picture of your review landscape?

If you’ve ever been skiing on a “flat light” day, you know how it goes. Visibility is limited, and even if you’re familiar with the landscape, there’s an element of the unknown as you carve down the slope thinking you’ve got this. And then you find your knees slammed into your teeth because you didn’t see the change in the terrain. Can’t see, can’t ski. 

Over the past several months, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to many different outdoor brands, and we’ve noticed a familiar pattern. You may not even realize it as a retailer yourself, but reviews from your only capture 10-15% of consumer sentiment. This means that you’re missing out on up to 85% of the reviews on the marketplace. And, we know what you’re thinking: ‘that’s ok, syndication has me covered.’ But the straight-up fact is that syndication only provides views into 23% of a brand’s ecosystem, and frankly, that’s not enough. (For a refresher on the difference between aggregation and syndication, head here.) 

Tapping into consumer-to-consumer conversations and listening to feedback is one of the best ways to augment product performance and drive results, including sales and brand loyalty. Think of it like this: verified reviews deliver unbiased customer feedback. They are a window directly into what your buyers think of your products, shipping, and customer service, along with how the product is being used out there in the world—they directly influence whether shoppers hit your Buy Button. Unbiased reviews boost online conversion rates by 25%. Consumers trust each other, and the buyer’s journey now starts and ends with product reviews. So the question becomes, is 15% of your review landscape enough? And, if you’re picking up what we’re putting down so far, you’ve figured it out: you need the full picture. 

By aggregating reviews from all your major eCommerce sites, we give you the entire review landscape. We filter and sort your data and deliver it to the Channel Signal Platform or your Business Intelligence platform. We can then provide a simple aggregated score directly to your Buy Button for each product called the C2C Score. The result is comprehensive data that your teams—from the executive level to sales, marketing, and product development—can use to inform next steps and gain a competitive advantage. Bring the full picture into focus and glide into the busy holiday shopping season, turning reviews into revenue. 

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