Deloitte: Wealthiest Households to Spend $2,226 this Holiday Season

As we enter Black Friday week, we turn our attention to the 2017 holiday shopping season. Deloitte has released its annual Holiday Survey for 2017. Here are 5 interesting takeaways as brands and retailers plan for the busy shopping season. Be sure to check out the full survey, which was conducted in September with over 5,000 participants.

5 Facts from Deloitte’s 2017 Holiday Survey

  1. Average household spending is expected to be $1,226
  2. The wealthiest households – those with incomes above $100k – are expected to spend $2,226
  3. Online shopping is anticipated to overtake in-store spending 51% compared to 42%Retail Channels
  4. 62% of shoppers plan to use a desktop or laptop to read product reviewsComputer usage Holiday 2017
  5. The list of 3 biggest reasons to shop in a physical store is topped with “the ability to interact with a product”physical stores
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Source: Deloitte Insights, 2017 Deloitte holiday retail survey, October 23, 2017