Channel Signal CEO Paul Kirwin Featured on Adventurepreneur Playbook [Podcast]

Paul Kirwin is a serial entrepreneur with a strong track record for building companies that have fundamentally changed the way retail companies sell their products, and the way we consumers buy them.” — Jeremy Jensen, The Adventurepreneur Playbook

The Adventurepreneur Playbook podcast goes in depth with entrepreneurs who have followed their passions and turned them into brands. The podcast’s creator, Jeremy Jensen, is passionate about helping people lead fulfilling lives, both personally and professionally.
As a writer and consultant, Jeremy wanted to bring the passion of these entrepreneurs to the masses, so he started the podcast. The podcast “dissects the success formulas” of outside the box thinkers.
In his interview with Paul, Jeremy dives into Paul’s track record for building companies that change how brands interact with customers. Check it out below or wherever you listen to podcasts!