Home Depot Continues to Show it Understands Consumers

In today’s landscape where retail stores are closing in droves, it takes a lot to stand out. Or maybe what it takes is something simple. Something as simple as understanding what shoppers want in the age of the consumer.
Take Home Depot. Channel Signal recently wrote about how the home repair giant is taking an omni-channel approach to retailing. They’ve figured out how online sales can rub elbows with in-store sales in the most genius of ways.

Home Depot Spring Top Reviewed Email
View the full email as a web page here.

Well, they’re at it again. This time Home Depot is using product reviews written by buyers in a robust email marketing campaign aimed at prospects. Not only does Home Depot utilize reviews to help shoppers make buying decisions on HomeDepot.com, the company is furthering their reach by promoting products with at least a 4 star rating in a variety of categories such as vanities, paint, flooring, appliances and tools.
The product review campaign touches on a key factor in the new consumer decision journey: product reviews. And it gives Home Depot some serious credibility to be promoting products consumers love over the ones they might want to sell more of.
In the age of the consumer, consumers have the power. This campaign proves that Home Depot is not only in touch with the way consumers purchase today, they support them in their journey to get authentic feedback about their products.
Home Depot is standing out in the Age of the Consumer in a simple, yet effective way using product reviews.