Runner-to-Runner: Laces Cause Frustration in Footwear Reviews

This blog is part of a new Channel Signal series, Runner-to-Runner, where we examine topics and trends within the peer-to-peer conversation about running goods through product reviews. Today’s topic is running footwear. The full report can be downloaded below.

Channel Signal recently measured the market conversation in the running footwear industry. Tracking five leading brands over 12 months, we collected, cleaned and analyzed 121,000 reviews through robust aggregation and analysis.

running shoe brands
Product reviews were collected for 5 top running footwear brands over a 12 month period.

Shoe Lace Review Stats

shoe lace problemsIn the running footwear industry, consumers influence demand more than ever. If you’re a brand in this space, you may think you know everything about your consumer through your Voice of the Consumer (VOC) program. However, traditional VOC doesn’t include what consumers trust most: product reviews. Product reviews have an 84%[1] trust rate. 67%[2] of shoppers say they check them before visiting a store, and 58%[4] check their mobiles while in a store. Reviews are a big part of the online and brick & mortar shopping experience.
So, let’s take a look at what brands and retail salespeople should know. Consumers in this data set expressed extreme frustration when shoe laces don’t function properly. This includes laces which don’t provide enough support, are too long, too short, come undone easily, etc.

  • Most negative topic for men
  • Second most negative for women
  • 2% occurrence
  • Estimated Impact 25,810 people[3]
  • 64.3% positive sentiment (report benchmark was 82.6% positive)

What Are Runners Saying to Other Runners? Shoe Lace Review Examples

running shoe lace review example running shoe lace review example running shoe lace review example running shoe lace review example running shoe lace review example


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[3] Estimated Impact: Because only 10% of people write reviews, we can estimate the number of products sold. If all things were equal with the 90% of people who didn’t write a review, the same percentage of people would have had the same issues. For example: 100 people purchase a product. 10 of them write a review. 2 of those complain about shoe laces. We can surmise that 20% of the 100 people felt the same about the shoe laces, making the estimated impact of the shoe lace issue 20.
[4] Retail Dive, How Shoppers Use Their Phones In Store    Sandy Skrovan, June 6, 2017