Online Peer to Peer Conversation

peer to peer conversations
Let’s get a definition together before we address this subject. Peer-to-Peer Conversations, in this context, are unfiltered communication between two people. It is real. It is not influenced by a third party. No one is asking leading questions. It is authentic.
Focus Groups are not as effective anymore simply because companies realize that group dynamics are at work. One person can affect the opinions of the group. The information is skewed.
Interviews about a brand and product are not as effective. The interviewee is influenced by the question and also by the emotions coming from the interviewer. And this information is skewed.
templateHowever, if a company wants to get the truth, straight, then it comes from one person giving opinions to another about a brand and products in the form of customer reviews, blogs, and social media posts.
Amazon has come up with a platform where consumers can ask questions directly of consumers who have purchased a particular product. Now this is as pure as it gets. Consumers trust it because no one is selling anything.
Companies should be collecting and getting reports on consumer opinions about their performances. Online is where most of this information resides.
It is real. Unfiltered. And packed with lessons for companies.
These opinions make companies better.