The Human Factor

In a world of automated data and computer analysis, Channel Signal is different. The human factor is what makes our service so special. Want to be a part of something bigger? Join the Channel Signal team! We’re always looking for more motivated people to join our team. Submit your resume to apply.


Help our clients analyze their product feedback using a variety of proprietary tools and functions. Should have retail or e-commerce experience and excellent writing skills. Please send your resume to [email protected]


Help us get the word out about the need for brands and manufacturers to collect, measure and analyze product reviews. Must be savvy with web content, social media and SEM. Please send your resume to [email protected]

Sales Team

Be a catalyst for growth! From business development to close, join our sales team and help Channel Signal help brands and manufacturers understand consumer feedback. Please send your resume to [email protected]


Our proprietary software is what makes Channel Signal so special. From design to user experience, join the team to help make our platform the best product review aggregator and analysis tool on the planet. Please send your resume to [email protected]