NRF Releases Astonishing Super Bowl Retail Sales Numbers

The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade association, and they have just released some astounding statistics around retail and this weekend’s Super Bowl match up between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. What do these numbers mean for retailers, and how can they prepare and capitalize on the opportunities presented?

Super Bowl by the Retail Numbers

  • 184 million viewers
  • Average viewer spending $77.88, up 14%
  • Total spending of $14.3 billion
  • 43 million plan to host a party

What Are Shoppers Buying for Game Day?

  • 79.3% will purchase food and beverages
  • 10.8% will buy athletic wear, decorations & accessories
  • 8.8% will splurge on new televisions

How Can Retailers Capitalize?

The spike in sales of certain items around Super Bowl time is nothing new to retailers and manufacturers alike. But this year’s numbers, in particular the average viewer spending being up 14%, is great news all around. Retailers and manufacturers will do their drill of promotions and sales. But we have one thing to ask: what are you doing to prepare for this time¬†next year? In particular, you should be aggregating and measuring consumer reviews on the products that spiked during the Super Bowl to:

  • Improve products next year
  • Understand and match the voice of the consumer
  • Prepare your sales, marketing and customer service teams with fitting messages

All stats sourced from this NRF article.