Hear CEO Paul Kirwin on the Channel Mastery Podcast

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden is the CEO and Founder of Verde Brand Communications, an award-winning communications and strategy firm with nearly 20 years of expertise. Kristin and Channel Signal CEO Paul Kirwin have been seeing one another at trade shows for years. Last month, their paths crossed again when the two of them served on a panel at the Thin Air Festival. Kristin invited Paul to be a guest on her podcast, Channel Mastery.
The Channel Mastery podcast is for business leaders who are obsessed with being remarkable to today’s omni-channel consumer. Consumer preferences are constantly changing. Running a business around this fast moving target is not easy.
Kristen covers a variety of topics with Paul, starting with his entrepreneurial history and how all of his experience has rolled into his latest endeavor with Channel Signal.

“When consumers write a product review, they not only will tell you their story line, but they will also tell you why a product is good or not good. And the why is the magic for a lot of brands.” — Channel Signal CEO Paul Kirwin

Three Takeaways from Episode 42: Your Consumers Are Telling You What They Want. Are you Listening?

  1. Serving today’s end-consumer is all about getting agile in our business. The fastest way to do this is to study and incorporate online consumer feedback.
  2. Consumers not only give brands their storyline in product reviews, they also take the time to put themselves in the businesses’ shoes. This is often accompanied by pivot language, where the consumer explicitly states what they would do to improve your product.
  3. Everyone worries about the negative reviews and there is truth to that. But there is also real power in the positive reviews. Brands can pull the best language out of the consumer feedback and weave it into site copy, marketing messages, product details and more.