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Channel Signal’s Product Review Analysis Platforms

Product review analysis used to mean copying and pasting customer feedback from different sites onto a shared spreadsheet. But all that has changed. Each of Channel Signal’s product review analysis platforms gives you the tools you need to aggregate and analyze your consumer product feedback from any site. With each, you get unlimited seats and exportable data. And be sure to ask about our analyst options, where a dedicated representative is assigned to your account to help you pick out trends and insights from your product review data.

Brand Review Analysis Platform

View product reviews for your entire catalog of products on a single platform.

Brand Review Analysis

Learn Why Sales are Up or Down

Reviews are in the top three decision-making factors for shoppers. Analyzing them can give you insight into the missing why behind your sales numbers.

See Trends, Dig Deeper

Trend graphs show volume and sentiment by source, category and product at the 30,000 foot level, and you have the ability to dig into the specifics.

Get Your Teams Involved

Product reviews have implications for product development, marketing, customer service, sales, purchasing and executives alike.

Monitor Key Products

From new launches to flagship products, keep a close eye on review performance and take action when they start to trend negative.

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Competitor Review Analysis Platform

See how your products’ reviews stack up against your key competitors.

Gain a Competitive Edge

You already compete on price and reach, understanding consumer feedback about your products in comparison to competing products can give you a serious edge.

Understand Your Market

Monitoring reviews for your entire competitive landscape can help you understand the overarching customer needs and address the ones not currently being met.

Play Up Strengths

Your review report will reveal where your strengths lie comparatively. Sales, marketing and product development teams make improvements accordingly.

Fix Weaknesses

Seeing what customers love about competitors can uncover opportunities for design, quality and messaging improvement of your products.

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Enterprise Review Analysis Platform

Understand, compare and utilize customer reviews about all brands within a multi-brand corporation.

Compare and Contrast Your Brands

Whether brand sales are edging ahead of another or on a slow decline, product reviews can help you understand the “why” behind performance.

Get a Global View

Measuring consumer feedback about your brands individually can help you understand the perception of your corporation as a whole.

Distribute the Feedback Internally

With unlimited seats included, everyone in your corporation can take action on the trends they find within your customer feedback.

Adjust Your Messaging

Monitoring your reviews can uncover what people love, hate or misunderstand about your products and brand. Adjust your messaging to reflect what you learn.

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Single Product Review Analysis Platform

Gauge the product review performance of a single product line over time.

Product Review Analysis

A Product Launch Metric

The product reviews that first start coming in post-launch are a good metric to measure whether your messaging is in line with customer expectations.

Reaffirm Focus Group Data

Measuring reviews right after launch can either validate focus group data or reveal new issues that didn’t arise pre-launch due to bias, groupthink or limited dataset.

Make Timely, Necessary Changes

When early reviews reveal or reiterate product design, quality, or functionality problems, product teams can take swift action to fix them.

See Historical Changes

Your product doesn’t have to have just been launched in order to see the value in monitoring product reviews. Take a look historically to correlate trends.

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