79% of consumers trust online product reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The Channel Signal product review aggregator provides a global view of what prospects are reading about your products.

benchmark-against-competitorsLike many companies, you may think you have a pulse on your product reviews because you or your team are eyeballing them occasionally. Maybe you’ve even graduated to using shared spreadsheets wherein employees copy and paste reviews when they come across them. The bottom line is that this one-off method is not complete, accurate, reliable, sustainable or quantifiable.

With Channel Signal, you simply provide the products, competitors and websites you’d like to monitor, and we’ll aggregate your reviews into one analytics platform.

  • Go beyond the stars – a text-based analysis of low (1 and 2 stars) and high (4 and 5 stars) reviewed products to see what’s working and not for customers. You can even search for words and phrases you’re concerned about.
  • Sort how you want – See review trends by product, category, review site and more.
  • Let us do the work for you – our analysts will be proactive with your data and pull out low-hanging-fruit type of insights that you take action on.

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