Understand & Manage Online Product Reviews

Review ManagementFor brands and manufacturers, measuring reviews from across the web is the best place to start understanding what consumers are reading about their products. Once you have the big picture of your consumer feedback, you can start taking action. Online review management could mean different things to different brands, but it all starts with measurement. Some possible ways to take proactive action with product reviews:

  • Encourage more reviews to cancel out bad reviews
  • Respond to bad reviews
  • Measure and share positive reviews with sales teams
  • Fix product problems highlighted in bad reviews
  • Offer a solution for issues highlighted in reviews

No matter how you choose to respond (if at all), you have to measure to manage reviews. There’s much more to managing reviews than just responding. How is your volume of reviews trending up or down over time? What language are the consumers using that you might be able to mimic in your own messaging? Are there misunderstandings that your marketing could easily address? The ways in which product reviews can affect your business are innumerable.

There’s no excuse for not measuring what consumers are saying about your products across the web. Request your free demo to see how your products would look on the Channel Signal platform.

How Real Brand Use Reviews: A Better Way to Respond to Reviews

A beauty brand was acquired by a larger distributor. In the process of acquisition, the brand changed its formula for its most popular product. The product had built a following around quality and the new formula completely upset the community it had developed over 30 years. The company decided to respond through product review platforms with a generic “call us” message. The response created more upset consumers, who then continued to respond to the now insincere responses of the company ultimately bringing down their star ratings for all their products.

A better solution? The new owner could have implemented a review management program through Channel Signal to measure how much of an impact the negative reviews were having. They would have had a global view of hot button issues and which were just anomalies. From there, they could take the appropriate action with their internal teams. Bottom line? You can’t manage what you don’t measure.