Are Your Customers’ Expectations of a Product Being Met?

Measure Customer ExperienceWhen it comes to measuring customer experience, you have a variety of data points. CRM, Inventory and POS sales systems can help determine product sell through and rate of return, but what is missing is the answer to the question “why”.

Why was a product so hot last month? Why were there so many returns? So many or so few customer service calls?

Expectations can be measured through reviews

The answer to the “why” question can be found in product reviews. Put simply, your customers have the need for a product and based on their research– which includes your product messaging – they purchased your product. Once they experience the product, they document whether it failed, met or exceeded their expectations in their product review.

Easily measure customer experience

  • Go beyond the stars – a text-based analysis of low (1 and 2 stars) and high (4 and 5 stars) reviewed products to see what’s working and not for customers. You can even search for words and phrases you’re concerned about.
  • Sort how you want – See review trends by product, category, review site and more.
  • Let us do the work for you – our analysts will be proactive with your data and pull out low-hanging-fruit type of insights that you take action on.

How Real Brands Use Reviews: Shoe designer ties poor customer experience to particular factory

A high-end shoe designer started analyzing its consumer reviews after sales started to dip. After receiving their first quarterly report, the designers noticed “Quality” was a negative trending topic among consumers. Clearly, consumer expectation of their product was not being met, let alone exceeded. Products mentioning “Quality” rated 3.8 stars. The designers took this data to their manufacturers and were able to demonstrate a discrepancy between the premium they were paying in materials and the reviews from the consumers. In fact, all of the products with low stars and negative mentions of “quality” happened to come from one particular factory in China. The company re-evaluated its relationship with the factory and scaled back its orders to only those products produced with high quality standards. Sentiment and sales are going up.