Measuring online reviews of competing products is a vital step that’s missing from most brands’ market analysis.

Get customer backup for your next factory audit by measuring product reviews.

factory managementOur customers are using their product review data to take action in a variety of ways. When quality problems with factories arise, having the data backup that says, “87 product reviews mentioned missing parts” can give you leverage. It’s bad enough that those customers experienced the problem, but now their message has reached thousands of other potential buyers who may have decided not to purchase based on this review.

Make more informed factory orders

Another benefit of product review data is that it’s predictive of future sales. A product with a good volume of stellar reviews is likely to see an uptick in sales. In contrast with POS data alone, product reviews give you more of an understanding into why sales might be up, and whether they’ll continue. This makes product reviews a key metric for placing more accurate factory orders.

How Real Brands Use Reviews: Shoe company improves factory relations

Using Channel Signal data to measure feedback, a shoe company was able to uncover the trend that a particular factory in China was consistently associated with the most negative product reviews. They used the information as ammo to negotiate new contracts with the factory, reduce its factory orders from that location, and improve product quality oversight.

The results? Higher product feedback and customer satisfaction. Sales are expected to increase once the positive reviews start to outweigh the negatives.