Make your Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) more efficient and targeted

How? By listening to your customers.

Whether your product development team is on a monthly or seasonal schedule, change orders can be costly and cumbersome. Depending on your industry, a product change could require a full blown research project in order to be compliant with regulations.

Channel Signal helps teams like yours focus your product development team based on what your customers want. By aggregating all of your product reviews into one analytics platform, you can see the topics your customers care about most. Equally valuable are the topics they aren’t writing about in reviews.

For example, if your Customer Service team comes to you with a complaint about a single issue, you can reference the large data set of product reviews to see who is talking about that issue. If reviewers mirror what your CS team claimed, start the change order process. But if there are little to no complaints about the issue, you may consider tabling or reprioritizing the change order.

By helping you focus your development dollars on the issues customers care about most, Channel Signal saves you money and helps you create more of what consumers love.