Your customers are your greatest investment.

It’s the age of the consumer, yet many marketers still rely on top-down messaging rather than truly understanding their most valuable asset: their customers. Brands that are to survive this new landscape must allocate budget to research and analytics around their customers.

Consumer centric marketing in contrast with product centric marketing.

For product companies, it’s hard to fight the urge to push what’s new and hot with your products. But in the age of the consumer, you have to tell a story that not only resonates with consumers, but instills trust. We know that peer recommendations have the highest influence over consumers today. We also know that 79% of shoppers claim to trust online reviews as much as peer recommendations.

Aggregating your product reviews into one analytics platform is a vital method for consumer product companies to make their marketing more consumer centric. Once you’ve aggregated your reviews, you can use the Channel Signal platform to analyze the sentiment and:

  • Hear your users stories
  • Uncover new and interesting use cases for your products
  • Learn what they love
  • Understand what confuses them

Then, incorporate your findings into your own storylines: from website copy to banner ads.