Harness your customers’ experiences to write better product descriptions using the language of your consumers.

Better Product DescriptionsThe most successful companies in the world have the ability to adapt to customers’ changing needs. Your product development team may have designed a product for one purpose, but is that what’s actually resonating with users? Collecting feedback about your products across various websites allows you to capture the nuances consumers love about your products and use them to write better product descriptions to reach new prospects.

Use Channel Signal’s platform to collect reviews about your products and make a list of key features and benefits according to the customer. Take note of slang and tone of voice so that your marketing messaging is speaking to the right persona. Your product descriptions will really hit the nail on the head once you are using the consumer language and tone. This affects everything from sales to satisfaction.

How marketing departments attribute sales to product reviews

Customer A tells Prospect B about your product. She’s intrigued, and goes online to further research. A series of glowing product reviews solidifies what her friend had lamented: your product is awesome. It’s exactly what she’s looking for.

How does your digital marketing department attribute product reviews in this situation? Whether you use a single or multi-touch attribution model, understanding that 90% of consumers read product reviews when shopping online or offline should tell you all you need to know. Product reviews have major influence over shoppers’ decisions.

How Real Brands Use Reviews: A 3-star review is great for customers and the company

This is a three-star review from a popular fitness tracker:

“This product definitely does what it says, just as promised. And for the current price, its not so expensive that it will break the bank. If you like it, then you can upgrade it to other, more expensive fitness trackers that do more than this. I like the fact that it gets you more into tracking how much activity (or lack thereof) you do, which I have found is really helpful to remind me that I should exercise more. Since using this, I’ve lost almost 10 lbs in the last 8 weeks! I know it’s not a ton but I also don’t have a huge amount to lose. I am more average weight and not obese or anything. The reason why I would give this product a 3, instead of a 4 is it actually gave me a rash after 2 months so I had to stop using it. This is not atypical for me as I have really sensitive skin. If it didn’t, however, I would still be using it today. At least I was able to use it for a time and found out how lazy I really was :p”


If you were only measuring review stars, you wouldn’t be able to tell that customers are:

  1. Feeling like the product does what you say it does
  2. Loving the price
  3. Losing weight as a result of your product
  4. Possibly having a problem with skin rashes
  5. Maybe a bit lazy

This is high quality information and much of it can be used in your product descriptions so that your message can align with that of shoppers.