Product Research and Development

When it comes to new product design, it is essential to measure what consumers think of your competitors first.

Gain insights for Product Development

Product research is a vital step for any product development team during the new product design phase.

Whether you’re a seasoned member of the product development team or you’ve been newly tasked with doing product research for the development of a new product, we encourage you to incorporate reviews into your research. “But how can I measure reviews of a new product?” you ask. Great question. There is one clutch way to utilize product reviews as a part of new product development: spy on your competitors.

Better stated, spy on what consumers think of your competitors. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but one-upping is the way to beat your competition. Check out your competitors’ product reviews, aggregated from multiple sites into one easy-to-analyze platform. From there, you can see the good, the bad and the ugly that you are dealing with in your competitive space. Meet and exceed consumer expectations and you will prevail.

How Real Brands Use Reviews: Company drops product line and builds a better one

A well establish electronics company wanted to understand how a certain product offering compared with others in a specific niche. After measuring and analyzing product reviews for over a year from its closest competitors, the company need to choose to take the feedback, and build a better version, or discontinue the product. The company decided to take the feedback from the reviews and incorporate those into a new product while simultaneously closing out the old product line.

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