You measure every metric in the book

But not what consumers are telling one another about your products.


Measuring Product Reviews = Results for Every Department

It’s true that 90% of shoppers use product reviews. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re completing their purchase online. In fact, 60% of people read reviews and then shop in a brick and mortar location, making reviews an integral part of the omni-channel decision-making process. Delivering a congruent view of your product feedback to every department in your company brings unprecedented transparency into this peer-to-peer conversation.

The fact is that consumers trust each other, and they are talking. There’s no arguing with this data. There is only listening and doing something about it.

Smart companies measure product reviews.

Develop Better Products

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Forecast Revenue

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Aggregate All Reviews

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Improve Factory Management

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Get the Consumer Voice into Reports

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Know When Expectations Fall Short

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Gain a Competitive Edge

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Improve Marketing Messaging

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The Channel Signal Difference?
We handle the messy stuff.

  • No more spreadsheets
  • Cleaned product variations
  • No searching products one-by-one
  • Takeaways from a human analyst
  • Any number of sites, products, or brands
  • Around the clock support

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