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Channel Signal connects to your top e-commerce partners to
 pull your product reviews into one platform.

Product Features

Total Reviews by Month

Average Star Ratings across Site & Products

Volume & Sentiment by Product, Category or Site

Key Takeaways from your Analyst

Positive & Negative Words Used in Reviews

Best & Worst Reviewed Products

Text Analysis of Words in Reviews

Competitor Reviews - Gain Insight

Unlimited Users

Clean Product Titles - Messy Titles are Normalized

Filter & Mine by Topic, Source, Sentiment, etc.

Export All Data into Your own Report

How we do it.

Collection – Measurement – Analysis – Action


You determine the products, competitors and websites you’d like to collect. We take care of the rest, always ensuring clean data.

Collect from Any Online Partner

Your customers don’t limit themselves to one site, so why should you? Unlike other review services, we can aggregate your reviews from any site on the web into a single analytics platform.

Any Date Range

Platforms available in weekly, monthly and quarterly increments.


Clean charts and graphs display data that allows you to see high level trends and go deeper with complex filters.

Performance at a Glance

Easy to read graphs show number of reviews (volume), average star ratings (sentiment) and best and worst products.

Go Deeper

Sort and filter (by category, brand, product, source, sentiment, date, search terms) to get the info you need.


Don’t know what to do with your review data? We do. A product review expert will pull out the “low hanging fruit” action items.

Expert Analysts Deliver Findings

Real people with real solutions to implement.

Strategies are Implemented by Your Team

Reviews affect every level of your sales channel.


Export your review data in any view to share within your company and integrate into current reports and programs.

Export Images, Graphs and Charts

Use the pieces of the platform you need, where you need it.

Create Action Items and Tasks

Reviews can help personnel in any department. Learn how.

The perfect plan for your needs


Gauge the complete performance of a single product over time.


See all of your brand's product reviews.


Measure reviews from major competitors in any category.


Product reviews for a corporation and its individual brands.

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