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All You Need Is Love

The State of Affairs There has been a lot of data about consumer behavior this holiday shopping period. Cyber Monday turned in $10.8 billion last week, a record high…the early shopping season has tallied over 20% more in sales than last year… The statistics are impressive. People are spending a lot of money. However, what’s …

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Consumer-to-Consumer Communication Suggests Strong Holiday Season

As the holiday shopping season gets underway, we are noticing an interesting story line. Despite COVID-19, shoppers are as positive as they were during the 2019 holiday season.  In the Channel Signal database of more than 60,000 online reviews for this holiday shopping season, we are seeing that the star average for reviews related to …

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AI Tells Us Why

We Are AI Integrated Recently, we have implemented an Artificial Intelligence tool, which has allowed Channel Signal to dive even deeper into the minds of shoppers.  We know that there is no better place to hear the voice of the consumer than in reviews. As the need to more accurately understand exactly what the consumer …

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