Fifteen Social Media Channels Explained

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social media explained

We really don’t know who to credit for this one. It’s had its fair share of being passed around the web, but we have to thank Barry Schrimsher, Sales Director for Sports One Source, for the Friday humor.

How well do you understand the web’s most popular social media networks? They can be explained in terms so simple, even Homer Simpson would understand:

Social Media Channels Explained in Terms We All Love

twitter_iconTwitterI’m eating a #donut
facebook_iconFacebookI like donuts
fsFour SquareThis is where I eat donuts
Layer_9InstagramHere’s a vintage photo of my half eaten donut
youtube iconYouTubeHere I am, eating a donut
linkedIn iconLinkedInMy skills include eating delicious donuts
pinterest_iconPinterestHere’s a donut recipe using rice and agave nectar
Last iconLastFMNow listening to “Donuts”
skype iconSkypeLet’s watch each other eat donuts right now
redditRedditAwesome donut meme posted to /r/donuts
snapchat logo iconSnapchatPicture of donut…. and it’s gone
vimeo_iconVimeoShort, artistic video of donut as it’s being eaten
stumble_upons_iconStumbleUponLook at this cool donut site I found!
tumplr_iconTumblrA blog featuring a donut a day
google plus iconGoogle PlusI’m a Google employee who eats donuts

We added a few of our own, above. Here’s the original:


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