You Thought You Knew: Product Review Usage [VIDEO/STATISTICS]


So you think you know product reviews? Read this blog or watch this video and we guarantee you’ll learn something new. These are the latest stats about product reviews and product review usage by shoppers. Brands and retailers who aren’t paying attention to theirs, take heed.

What Consumers Look For

  • Over 90% of Americans read online reviews when making a purchasing decision [1].
  • Over 90% of those who read reviews use the text portion of the review [1]. What they’re looking for:

79% look for QUALITY
61% look for FUNCTION
53% look for signs they’ll get RIPPED OFF
45% check for cues about SAFETY [2]

  • While 87% do find the average review star rating useful [1], it’s about more than just stars.
  • In fact, Baymard [2] discovered that most users will show bias towards slightly poorer ratings if they are based on a higher number of reviews. (Read: more reviews indicates popularity, regardless of stars).

What Brands & Manufacturers Should Do

Channel Signal makes it easy for brands and manufacturers to aggregate, analyze and take action on their reviews. It’s time.


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