New Features on the Channel Signal Platform

This month’s newest features continue to improve upon the best tools to benchmark your brand’s user experiences against the competition. For a demo of the new features, contact us!

Multi-Select Fields

Select exactly the criteria you want to analyze with our new multi-select tool.

Multi-Select Fields


Filter Out Duplicate Reviews

Review syndication might be great for marketing and visibility, but sometimes you want to filter out duplicates to get a true view of the customer experience.

Filter Duplicate Reviews


Compare Anything Over Time

Choose any number of brands, products or categories and compare their star averages or volumes head-to-head over time.

Compare Anything


Word Counts & Star Breakout in Word Cloud

Hover over any word in the word cloud to see the total count and star average breakout for that time period.

Word Cloud Counts


In Case You Missed These Recent Releases

  • Highlight the text you’re searching for in reviews
  • Quickly see star average over time for any product
  • JSON download in addition to CSV for easy integration into your business intelligence tools

Our Commitment

Channel Signal is committed to helping you understand and make decisions in the new marketplace where buyers have significant influence. Through product reviews, Channel Signal provides a platform for you to identify the needs, use cases and expectations of buyers. The result: better performance and a competitive edge.

Call or email us today to learn more or to set up a demo or trial.
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