Channel Signal Partner Carson Stanwood Lauded as PR Pioneer in 35th Anniversary Edition of Outdoor Retailer Magazine

Carson StanwoodIt’s been a big year for Outdoor Retailer. In February, the group announced they’d be leaving the state of Utah due to a difference in perspective on public lands. More recently, they’ve disclosed that the show will be moving to Denver starting in 2018, and that they’ve acquired the Snow Show. Amid all of this, “OR” is celebrating 35 years as a community. To commemorate the occasion, their bi-annual publication looks back on three and a half decades of the men and women who shaped the industry.

We are proud and delighted that our very own Carson Stanwood is featured in the issue — in good company, with the likes of Yvon Chouinard, Sally McCoy, Conrad Anker, Peter Metcalf and Sally Jewell.

Carson founded Stanwood and Partners in 1991 and grew it into an outdoor lifestyle public relations giant. In 2008, S&P was acquired by Carmichael Lynch Spong.

At Channel Signal, Carson is not only a partner in the business, he spearheads the analytics team that helps brands make sense of the feedback they get in their product reviews. He’s helping brands uncover insights directly from the voice of their buyer to inform decisions that amplify target market effectiveness.

Read the article here, and join us in patting Carson on the back if you see him at OR. What a guy!

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