Brands are Out of Sync with Shoppers [VIDEO]

What Influences a Customer’s Buying Decision?

We know there are key influencers or influences helping consumers buy a certain product or service. According to a recent study Brands and Consumers don’t align on what truly influences their decisions.


72% are influenced by Family and Friends

72% are influenced by Product Reviews

61% are influenced by 3rd Party Experts

Brands Believe

83% are influenced by Traditional Marketing (Billboards, TV advertising, Print media)

82% are influenced through Social Media

75% of brands believe they are skilled in the tactics listed above.

The study shows 47% of consumers believe Traditional Marketing influences their buying decisions as well as 49% of consumers believe Social Media influences their buying decisions.

It’s clear that consumers want to be informed prior to making a purchase.  The need to feel confident in a purchase increases the activity of webrooming and solidifies the key factor of product reviews in the sales funnel.

Study by Experticity


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